Christopher Elliott is the founder of Chris Elliott Group, Hygiene 100, and Emirates Business Setup based in Germany and Dubai. Through his tireless efforts, Christopher has established himself as a global business leader. Christopher Elliott grabbed the opportunities that came his way and became a successful entrepreneur and founder of various companies.


Changing careers is exciting and energizing. It can also be nerve-wracking, but Christopher is a self-motivated and enthusiastic worker with vast experience with a carrier graph line at its peak from 2016 to 2022. Behind this achievement, there are sleepless nights and an upbeat attitude.


In September 2016, Christopher started a cosmetic salon in Hamburg, Germany, with his ex-business partner. The business was a huge success. He decided to sell his shares in 2018 because he wanted to go further.


In February 2019, Christopher launched the Chris Elliott company, and that company was later changed into Focus 100 Digital Marketing agency in Hamburg. Christopher hired web designers this year to help others by promoting their brands. The idea was to create more companies to grow and help others in this digital era. In this way, The Chris Elliott Group was born. The concept behind Chris Elliott Group was also to give people the opportunity to create something for themselves and to let them be creative and enjoy being at work.


In 2020, Christopher’s passion drove him to start a Steel door company. The company quickly became a top seller on the market. Christopher decided to leave the company in December to move to Dubai, where he could begin working on another project and continue his journey.


In May 2021, Christopher created an Hygiene company called Hygiene 100 which sold over 3.5 million products totaling a sales revenue of 7 million in one year. The essential aspect for Christopher was customer satisfaction, and he did everything to bring an e-commerce business to another level.
Christopher’s life changed from black and white to colorful when he married his dream girl, lived in Morocco for 6 months to marry her and moved back to Dubai in December 2021.


In April 2022, Christopher was then able to build another company, Emirates Business Setup, based in Dubai. Christopher achieved this success by having a fantastic team of passionate people about what they do and who love helping their clients.


It was June 2022 when Hygiene 100 hit the 4 Mio mark in sales and now has over 11000 products online (which initially started with a couple of masks and corona tests). Nearly 12 months later, the Group now has 15 Team members working together to create something unique. We build our systems and ideas, which allow us to scale our business to another level that has never been done before.


We have offices in Germany, Dubai and Pakistan and we have over 7 different nationalities working in the team. Stay tuned as there is more to come!

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